Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 17 Feb 2020 01:14:41 +0530 en-us Belt Type Oil Skimmer Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Oil Skimmers for removing tramp oil from machine tool coolant tank. Wheel skimmer (WS) effectively removes floating tramp oil from water soluble coolants. In its magnetic version (MWS) it will even remove dispersed ferrous particles from the coolant. Tramp oil caused leaking hydraulic system & usage of way oil is an even present problem in the management of water soluble coolants. Tramp oil reduces the coolants cooling and lubrication properties and supports bacterial growth which produces corrosive sulphuric acid. Tramp oil will shorten the coolant lifetime drastically, sings of affected coolant are: The bad smell, rust stained poor quality parts and premature tool wear. Renewal of labour, purchase and disposal fees and machine down time. The oil skimmer removes up to 12 lifer of tramp oil per hour. After half an hour the coolant surface has been cleaned almost completely. Even now the skimmer still removes tramp oil.   Features Requires only a small area in the tank or sump Easy Mounting Fast Cleaning With Minimal Maintenance Custom designs and easy systems available   ADVANTEGES A single unit elevates and separates oil Lifts oil any distance without the need of expensive pumps Can be used in depths as shallow as one foot, or as deep as per requirement Requires no tank modifications in most applications Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance   Note : Its our standard technical details of belt type oil skimmer we can make all size of machine as per requirements. Disc Type Oil Skimmer Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We are engaged in offering excellent quality Belt and Disk Types Skimmer to our valuable clients. Cost effective Oil Skimmers for removing tramp oil from machine tool coolant tank. The skimmer effectively removes floating tramp oil from water soluble coolants. In its magnetic version it will even remove dispersed ferrous particles from the coolant.    Disk type oil skimmer which is available small, cost effective oil skimmers for removing tramp oil from machine tool coolant tank. The wheel skimmer effectively removes floating tramp oil from water soluble coolants.  In its magnetic version it will even remove dispersed ferrous particles from the coolant. Tramp oil caused leaking hydraulic system & usage of way oil is an even present problem in the management of water soluble coolants.   Application : Liquid / Effluent Temperature Whether the tank is below ground Level Water touch distance from tank top when water effluent is minimum in the tank Total Tank depth from top of the tank Effluent flow rate in cubic metre per hour Oil content ppm Oil Removal rate required in LPH Specify as per your estimation Flow rate   Oil Skimmer Advantage Rugged, reliable and low maintenance. Proven in thousands of oil skimming applications. Most inexpensive way to remove oil from water. Saves coolants by removing tramp oil. Conserve parts wash water by removing oily wastes. Prevents plugging of spray heads and filters. Reduces fluid disposal costs. Skimmed oil can be recycled and reused as a lubricant or fuel. Helps meet government requirements for water discharge. Oil Skimmers to fit in almost any application. Most products ship in 24 hours. Magnetic Coolant Separator Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We  Clean Make Products L.L.C ( Shubh laxmi machine tools ) ( amba engineering works )  is the very first and leading manufacturer in providing solutions for coolant filtration and Paper band filters With 40 years of development and manufacturing experience, we have developed an extensive product range that can meet customers' needs for filtration products. Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter are our fundamental products since 1975. Our various coolant filtration systems can remove fine contaminant from 50 micron to 1 micron of particle size, therefore significantly extend the life of coolant and improve surface brightness. Our products have extensive applications for machine tools, such as Grinding Machine, Honing Machine, Lapping Machine, CNC tool and cutter grinder, Machining Center and more. These solutions not only help achieve environmentally-driven projects at your facility, but also keep valuable metal alloys separate to maximize their value in recycling. With over 40 years of experience in delivering solutions that provide significant savings and quality improvements for metalworking and recycling operations, we can always fulfill customers’ needs and provide benefits How It Works : The contaminated liquid flows into the coolant filter by gravity or by pressure into the magnetic separator : The jet breaker Evenly dispersed the flow, as the contaminated fluid enters the separation chamber         The rotating magnet unit Collects the magnetic particles, which are subsequently removed by a special comb-blade Passes to a containment tank. Which also pushes the sludge The cleaned liquid   Magnetic Drum :Magnetic drums possess higher strength in comparison of electromagnetic drums. These permanent magnetic drums are made using magnets, which are long lasting in quality and useful for whole of the life. The power of these magnets Drum does not reduce during normal use. Volume of material which can be handled by magnetic drums depends upon the diameter & length of the drum Size Range the larger the diameter and width of the drum the greater is the volume of material which can be handled. Magnetic Drum Have strong strength with power Full Magnetic Capacity. It can Remove up to 1 Micron Very Easily. This Magnetic Drum Made From M.S & Aluminum Rings which have very long Life.  This Magnets are useful for removing magnetic contamination with low magnetic properties and fine iron particles are to be separated. Magnetic drum separator is a self cleaning type system used for separation of Iron. Paper Band Filter Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Shubh laxmi machine tools ( amba engineering works ) is the very first and leading manufacturer in providing solutions for coolant filtration and Paper Band Filter Machine With 40 years of development and manufacturing experience, we have developed an extensive product range that can meet customers' needs for filtration products. Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter are our fundamental products since 1975.  Our various coolant filtration systems can remove fine contaminant from 50 micron to 1 micron of particle size, therefore significantly extend the life of coolant and improve surface brightness. Our products have extensive applications for machine tools, such as Grinding Machine, Honing Machine, Lapping Machine, CNC tool and cutter grinder, Machining Center and more. These solutions not only help achieve environmentally-driven projects at your facility, but also keep valuable metal alloys separate to maximize their value in recycling. With over 40 years of experience in delivering solutions that provide significant savings and quality improvements for metalworking and recycling operations, we can always fulfill customers’ needs and provide benefit.   This entire unit is fixed on a coolant tank with a pump to supply coolant to the machine. The filtering paper is spread over an endless stainless steel mesh conveyor which is connected to a geared motor. This uniquely designed conveyor prevents overflowing of the liquid and the full width of the filtering paper is used. The movement of the filter paper is controlled by a float switch which actuates the geared motor.   OPERATION : The contaminated coolant liquid (oil) is first passed through the magnetic filter which separates almost 95% of the ferrous particles. The liquid further passes through filter which paper where all the nonferrous particles like grinding grit, stainless, brass or aluminum are filtered. As the porosity of paper gets filled up due to accumulates the liquid level rises. This triggers the float switch which starts the geared motor and fresh paper from the reel is pulled forward automatically. Now the liquid passes through the fresh paper and float switch shuts down the geared motor.   APPLICATION : Paper band cum Magnetic coolant Clarifier offer the excellent means of filtering both ferrous and nonferrous particles. Where high degree of purification id required and contaminates differ in from, size and composition. Paper Band Filter Machine as a rule gives best results. Paper Band Filter Machine are recommended for Grinding, Honing, Transfer lines and Machining center. It also can be used for rolling mills for filtering coolant which helps to improve the surface finish to the sheets.   ADVANTAGES OF Paper Band Filter Machine (SHUBH LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS) Improvement in Product Finish. Improved Tool Life. Improvement of Coolant/ Oil Lif Improvement in rate of Production Improvement in Surface Finish / Ra Value Keeps your machine clean & reduces costly machine down time Needle Punch Coolant Filter Paper Roll Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Filter rolls are extensively used for machine tool coolants and cutting & lubricating fluids found throughout the metalworking industry. Our polypropylene media is widely used in applications where standard Viscose rolls are not strong or efficient enough or where extra fine filtration is required. When in operation the polypropylene filter rolls filter the contaminant, building up an efficient filter cake.   When ordering please specify the width (mm), Length (M) & Grade. PP Coolant Filter Paper Rolls Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Coolant filter papers are one of the most demanded industrial products in India that is manufactured in mass scale in the country. These are available in rolls and mostly cater to the waste treatments, grinding and lapping industries.    The theories of filtration have affected the human life in various dimensions. Most prominently, the use of filter papers is innumerable starting from household work, educational sectors to large industries. Filter papers are available in different forms and shapes for catering to different kinds of requirements. Speaking of its use in the industrial sector, coolant filter papers are highly used for the machines. These filter papers are available in the form of rolls because their consumption is done in massive quantities.   How Is It Used? The coolant filter papers are generally used for machines that work with coolant filter systems. The impure coolant spreads out on the filter paper rolls as it keeps on rolling and the filtered coolant gets stored in the clean coolant tank. The impurities stay back on the filter fabric like a “cake”. The quantity of the contaminations extracted by the filter paper determines its efficiency. This type of filter papers is used in medium and heavy industries especially for production grinding, lapping, waste treatment and gear cutting machineries.   Features: High tensile strength, small vibration coefficient, advanced technique, molding reinforcement, all these help the paper filter performance strong and reliable and make the initial strength and using strength in accordance. High filter accuracy and efficiency, made by polyester fiber and polymer film. can meet different grade of accuracy. Worked well at -40~120, no influence about the grinding oil chemical property and will not be corroded by grinding oil. The filter material can bear the mechanical reaction force and temperature influence, its breaking strength will not be reduced even when it is wet. The hole size is bigger while with smaller resistance, at the same time a strong carrying capacity.   Application : Suite for the filteration of cutting oil, grinding oil, drawing oil, rolling oil, grinding liquid, lubricant, insulating oil, coolant, water, etc. Viscose Coolant Filter Paper Rolls Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 This Viscose Grad coolant Filter Paper roll Use In the grinding oil, there are always mixed with oil slick, impurity, slag, etc. It should be cleaned regularly, or the grinding efficiency and lifespan will be reduced largely and finally influence the equipment grinding efficiency. At the same time, when the grinding oil was covered by the closed oil reservoir, the anaerobiont will easily breed; this will result in grinding oil invalid. So, to clean the oil slick, impurity, slag out from the grinding oil is very important, in this way we can not only keep a good grinding oil performance but also expand the grinding oil life largely. At last, reduce the grinding oil cost, improve grinding life and efficiency!   Filter rolls are extensively used for machine tool coolants and cutting & lubricating fluids found throughout the metalworking industry. Our non-toxic viscose media is very commonly used in various grades. When in operation the viscose filter rolls filter the contaminant, building up an efficient filter cake.   When ordering please specify the width (mm) Length (M) & Grade. Polyester Filter Rolls Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 This media is ideally used in fine contamination applications where high dirt loading is expected. The depth of the media provides better levels of filtration, typically 10 - 15 micron nominal in addition to longer filter life compared to SBPP.   When ordering please specify the width (mm) Length (M) & Grade. Auto Parts Degreasing Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Fully constructed from stainless steel, double skinned and insulated, the Cleanmake Products L.L.C-multi stage front loading phosphate wash systems are compatible for use with all modern phosphate formulations with multiple process stages to include degreasing/phosphating and multiple rinse cycles (heated and re-circulated or sacrificial to drain). Ideal for batch processing, these units are operator friendly with easy to use control systems to set independent fluid tank temperatures and cycle times.The component basket is rolled from the wash machine onto an external fixed, or mobile, platform for ease when loading and unloading the component parts.  Rotating spray bars, with spray jets to suit the application, are positioned above and below the component basket resistant electric immersion heaters and stainless steel wash pump are fitted as standard.Standard Process Stages : Heated degrease/ phosphate wash stage (re-circulated), Primary mains water rinse stage (sacrificial) Heated mains or DI water final rinse stage with passivation (re-circulated). Standard Features : 100% Stainless Steel Construction with 35mm Thick Thermal & Sound Insulation Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Component Basket – Standard Range 1500 x 1000 up to 5000 x 1000 Bespoke Component Holding Jigs also available Air Powered Vertical Opening Door Fully Independent Fluid Tanks Low Fluid Level Protection Door Pressure Sensitive Safety Pad Digital Display Fluid Temperature Control Integral Fluid Filtration Network Electric, Gas or Steam Fired Fluid Heating External Fixed Load/Unload Platform or Wheel Mounted Trolley Pressed Stainless Steel Wash Pump Auto Fresh Water Refill Micro Processor or PLC Controlled Optional Extras : Hot Wash, Rinse, Air Knife & Dry cycles to suit application Disc Type Oil Skimmer Fine Inline Fluid Particle Filtration Oil/Water Separator Units (Insoluble Oils) Steam Extraction Fan & Steam Condenser Units Auto Fresh Water Refill Operators Hand Held Spray Lance 7 Day/24 Hour Fluid Heater Timer Effluent Disposal Pump Auto Detergent Dosing Units (syphon or probe type) DI water plant Integral hot air drying stages Additional chemical/detergent process stages Standalone drying ovens Additional wheel mounted trolleys Typical Applications : Metal Pre Treatment Used prior to powder coating or painting Top Loading Spray Washing Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The T-Heavy Duty Top Loading Spray Wash is without doubt the best performing Top Loading Spray Washing Machine range available on today’s market. Energy saving, full 35mm thermal and sound insulation (base and lid). A motorised stainless steel component basket constantly rotated, allowing all the power from the pump to be used in the cleaning process.Spray bars positioned above, below and to the side of the basket, fitted with wide angled spray jets, to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. Suitable for use with low cost, water based biodegradable detergent – ensuring both operator and environmental benefits. Corrosion resistant electric immersion heaters and stainless steel wash pump as standard.Standard Features : Double Skin Stainless Steel Construction with 35mm thick Thermal/Sound Insulation Motorised, Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Component Basket Gravity Fed Drain Tap Corrosion Resistant Electric Immersion Heating Hinged Machine Lid with Gas Struts Lid Safety Interlock Digital Display Fluid Temperature Control Digital Display Wash Process Cycle Timer Low Fluid Level Protection High Volume Stainless Steel Wash Pump Integral Coarse and Medium Levels of Fluid Filtration Stainless Steel Spray Bar Arrangement Optional Extras : Disc Type Oil Skimmer Fine Inline Fluid Particle Filtration Oil/Water Separator Units (Insoluble Oils) Steam Extraction Fan & Steam Condenser Units Auto Powered Machine Lid for Increased Product Height Clearance Auto Fresh Water Refill Operators Hand Held Spray Lance 7 Day/24 Hour Fluid Heater Timer Ultrafiltration Unit (Soluble Oils) Mains Fed Airknife Effluent Disposal Pump Upgraded Wash Pump Auto Detergent Dosing Unit Typical Applications : Remanufacturing Commercial Vehicle Repair OEM’s Railway General Engineering Metal Pressing Industry Metal Casting Industry Printing Industry Cylindrical Liner Washing Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We Clean Make Products L.L.C ( Shubh Laxmi Machine Tools ) Manufacturing Cylindrical Liners Washing Machine  , an associate of the Insight Engineering Systems, is built on engineering know-how. It is a one stop, where you can shoulder upon for all your Cleaning Problems. The company has come up with an array of Industrial Cleaning Solutions for all types of contaminated parts irrespective of its shape, size or type of the contaminants. The company feels proud in providing its clients the Turnkey Solutions, which incorporates the State of the Art Technology, Eco-friendly aqueous solvents to substitute hazardous organic solvents. They are developed to give you a choice between using toxic, chlorinated solvents or the multiple solutions. With one of the industry's best of engineers to manufacturing staff, the main philosophy of CLEAN MAKE PRODUCTS is simple: design, build and integrate superior, innovative cleaning systems that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and value. Apart from this, the company always pays attention on the best Customer Service with high quality services and cost-effective solutions. Operations : Feeding Job in Chamber Clamping job Washing by high pressure liquid ( M.T.O ) Dry by heavy blowers Lubricating operation Heat by heat air blowers and packing All job counting by digital screen Rotary Basket Washing Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The parts washer with rotating basket is a machine with special potential to promote cleaning industrial parts of economic and sustainable manner. To make a good purchase, there are some technical aspects that must be considered, that because each model meets certain industrial components.Parts Washer with Rotating Basket - Function and Benefits :The use of parts washer with rotating basket is recurring in the industrial area in various sectors, since it is extremely functional. The parts washer with rotating basket promotes the cleaning of industrial parts through the use of biodegradable detergent, thus, it aids in combating contamination. The way it works allows cleaning to be performed safely since the parts washer with rotating basket has a closed circuit.Considering its use, can be highlighted several benefits in using washer parts with rotating basket, such as reducing water consumption, as the economic use of it, be environmentally sustainable to use for washing only biodegradable detergent parts, successfully removes oil particles and other dirt during powerful washing.Washer with Rotating Basket - Needed Care :When thinking of buying a washer parts with rotating basket, have some care, in particular, review the questions on the form that the chosen company serves its customers. About it, search for the product delivery time, check quality issues and the delivery service availability if a problem occurs with washer parts with rotating basket. Another consideration is the technical characteristics of the parts washer with rotating basket, before investing, inquire pressure and pump power, load capacity, engine power, machine dimensions and basket diameter.Subra You Find in a Wide Variety of Industrial Washing Machines :The Subra, this for over thirty years in business, manufactures and distributes washing machines of different types for different segments industries, including parts washer with rotating basket. Delivering excellent quality products, it provides a good means for payment as the use of the BNDES Card, lease, own financing, Finame.The customer service is done through a specialized team focused to meet the demands of each project, so by contacting the call center, you will be served by friendly and willing attendants to collaborate in the search for their goals.Positioning of the Parts On the Rotary Basket :The parts are loaded onto a basket which is tailored to the parts to be washed. The basket can be loaded with different types of parts and, depending on their characteristics, they can be placed directly on to the basket, onto tools, special supports or into different compartments designed in accordance with their needs. Bearing Washing Machine Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 CLEAN MAKE Power Washers are in common use worldwide to clean bearings for inspection and reconditioning. The industries serviced by CLEAN MAKE Systems are: Rail shops specializing in bearing rebuilding, Aircraft Overhaul Shops, Steel and Aluminum Rolling Mills, OEM Bearing Rebuilders, and the Military. In all cases, the CLEAN MAKE Cleaning Process is fast and certain, and the cleaning standards are consistently met.In this machine more than 10000 Bearings can wash per day CLEAN MAKE also has many Bearing Washer installations in Steel Mill Shops. Aircraft Bearing Rebuilders prefer the speed and thoroughness of the CLEANMAKE process. In all cases, the CLEAN MAKE system consistently meets the cleaning standards for bearing cleaning. All Power Washer models are available for batch or automated operation. Bearing Fixtures load outside the Cabinet for fast Table loading to maximize uptime and productivity. Various Fixture sizes are available.CLEAN MAKE Bearing Washers can be provided in Batch, Semi or fully automated configurations. Bearing washing generates high volumes of waste grease. Each rail bearing, for example, can have one pound of grease so that, in one day’s operation, the solution reservoir could load with 500 or more pounds. CLEAN MAKE offers exceptional Sludge Management Systems including its Sludge/Surface Scraper and AirLift System, Sludge Surface Scraper, Coalescing Oil Removal System and Oil Skimmer to extend solution life for fewer cleanouts.The inner races, and rollers or ball bearings, clean the same as the outermost surfaces. A CLEAN MAKE will prewash complete Bearing Assemblies before dismantling to come apart faster. The shop stays cleaner and more productive because all the sludge remains inside the Cabinet. As with rail bearings, large amounts of waste grease is generated so that CLEAN MAKE Solution Management Systems are especially useful to (1) extend solution life and increase uptime and productivity, while (2) reducing the cleanouts and operating expense, and (3) saving chemical and service labor.CLEAN MAKE Power Washing is capable of Deep Cleaning so that all bearing surfaces, even the cavities and races that are not readily accessible from the nozzle blast, wash thoroughly clean. Whether the bearings are on fixtures or in baskets, there are many shaded areas in the load, yet Power Washing reaches them all. The Comparison and Pump Technology explain the advantages and benefits of the CLEAN MAKE system.Opration : Feeding Job inside The machine chamber Clamping job Washing by high pressure liquid, oil Dry by heavy blowers Lubr icat ing operat ion In last heat by heat air blowers and packing All job count ing by digit al screen CNC, PLC Available as per requirements ABP Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 FDA/EC ConformityAll polypropylene materials used in manufacturing comply with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations Section 177, and EC Regulations 1935/2004 and EC Directive 2002/72/EC, as applicable for food and beverage contact.   Cost-effective filter bags for demanding applications ABP polypropylene filter bags are fabricated from hydrophobic microfiber filter material, which require pre-wetting with an aqueous solution (full details about wetting and installation are provided with every box of ABP filter bags) Highly efficient melt-blown filter material in polypropylene with graded density profiles to maximize dirt-holding capacity and prolong service life No additives such as resins, binders or surface treatments Spunbond polypropylene cover layer virtually eliminates fiber migration Unique UNI-WELD process for bottom seam provides a stronger, more flexible weld seal Fully-welded construction with patented SENTINEL® seal ring provides 100% bypass-free filtration The pressure-activated SENTINEL seal ring provides a flexible, chemically resistant seal which adapts to any bag filter housing. Extended Life Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 About Extended Life Filter Bags (POEX/PEEX)The Extended Life filter bags (POEX and PEEX) provide outstanding performance on many types of contaminants such as gels, particles with wide ranges of sizes, and particles with various irregular shapes. The coarse, pre-filtering layer is designed to provide long service life, capturing a large amount of contaminants without excess surface loading. The POEX has been field-proven to hold up to twice the amount of contaminants as a standard felt bag, reducing waste volume and bag changes. The Extended Life filter bag is ideal for automotive coatings, chemicals, resins, edible oils and other fluid applications.Features Excellent filtration on many contaminants - gels, particles with wide range of sizes and particles with irregular shapes A coarse inner layer, graded pore structure, greater depth than standard bags provides excellent filtration performance Available in polyester (PEEX) and polypropylene (POEX) Twice the standard dirt-holding capacity of traditional felt bags to provide longer service life, fewer change-outs and reduced waste Polypropylene bags are FDA compliant Micron rating for polypropylene 5-100; polyester 1-100 PolyWeld® seam construction with hermetically sealing Polyloc® ring eliminates liquid bypass Glazed finish eliminates unwanted fiber migration Max Pong Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 About MAX PONG Filter BagsThe PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bag (MAX PONG) is the leader in high-efficiency, low-cost filtration. Its seamless micro-fiber graded density cartridge insert removes trace oils that frequently occur in process fluids, and provides four times the dirt-holding capacity of conventional polypropylene bags. Combined with its welded seam felt cover and Polyloc® ring for elimination of unfiltered bypass, it becomes the perfect choice for uses where longer-lasting, high-efficiency filter bags are needed. The MAX PONG Heavy Duty Extended Life filter bag is ideal for continuous flow applications such as e-coat and phosphate baths, and batch applications including oils, edible oils and syrups, or any final or polishing filter requirements.Features High-efficiency, low-cost filtration is ideal for continuous flow applications Welded seam construction eliminates unfiltered bypass due to needle holes Large dirt-holding capacity and lower pressure drop provide long service life Adsorbs smaller particles and filters wide range of particle sizes Pure polypropylene microfiber insert contains no sizing, bonding adhesive, resin, lubricant, silicone or antistatic chemicals FDA compliant to meet food grade government standards PolyLoc® ring creates hermetic seal to prevent liquid bypass Polyweld Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 About Polyweld® Felt Filter BagsPolyweld® filter bags hold a distinct advantage over all types of needle-sewn bags. The welded seams completely eliminate the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass occurring due to needle holes. The result is a tighter seam, high bag efficiency and improved finish product yields. In addition, the fused edges of the Polyweld bag provide a fiber-free finish and virtually eliminate unwanted fiber migration. Since the Polyweld bag is not constructed with thread, the possibility of silicone contamination from this source is also removed. FSI’s Polyweld filter bags are available in several different media: standard polypropylene felt, extended life polypropylene felt, and standard polyester felt. Features Welded construction of bags completely eliminates unfiltered liquid bypass from occurring due to needle holes Available in standard polypropylene, polyester and extended life felt for broad range of product compatibility Glazed finish eliminates fiber migration for clearer results PolyLoc® ring creates a hermetic seal that prevents liquid bypass and produces clearer results Polypropylene is FDA food grade compliant to government standards FDA Compliant Polyester felt is available (non-standard) Silicone free to eliminate cratering for improved surface results Available from stock for quick delivery PTFE Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Higher Efficiencies Using PTFE Filters With its unique physical properties, Cleanmake Products  filters with PTFE membrane are able to out perform nearly all other filter constructions in many applications. Among its many useful properties, PTFE is hydrophobic (Literally “afraid of water”) meaning it repels water. Additionally, it has a very low coefficient of friction of 0.05 – 0.10 (meaning substances have a hard time sticking to it and are easily removed) and has a high melting point of approximately 325°C. Stricter governmental regulations for particulate emission are on the horizon. The new EPA PM2.5 standard for particulate matter emissions will present additional challenges for facilities to reach compliance. Be ready to meet the challenge by employing high efficiency PTFE filter bags in your Cleanmake Products . PTFE filter bags from Cleanmake Products .com can reach amazing efficiencies when operated deployed correctly. PTFE filters from Cleanmake Products .com can easily reach sub-micron filtration ranges. In some applications efficiencies are high enough to allow for the recirculation of treated air back into the facility. Use of such “Green Technology” further promotes an environmentally friendly operation, and saves on heating costs. Efficiency Claims Confirmed By EPA TestingIndependent testing conducted under the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program has proven that PTFE Membrane filters are capable of ultra high efficiencies. Tests of PTFE filter bags from several different manufacturers showed particulate matter outlet emissions as low as 0.0006 gr/ACF (1.3mg/m3). In most size ranges the test PTFE fabrics showed zero emissions during testing. Emissions data were below the detection limits of the testing equipment. The fractional efficiency percentages were 100%, only dipping to 99.98% with particle sized 0.3-0.5 (μM).**For more information please see EPA’s site for the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program at Benefits of Surface Filtration Over Depth Filtration PTFE membrane filters also have a distinct advantage over non-membrane filters due to differences in the way they filter out particulate. Non-PTFE membrane filter bags employ depth filtration to filter particulate. Depth filtration is accomplished when a layer of dustcake forms on the outside of the filter, and an accumulation of dust particles is deposited in the depth of the filter. In coming particles are captured as they follow the tortuous path through the dustcake, and depth of the filter. As time goes on, more and more particles get trapped within the filter, leading to higher pressure drops and eventually filter “blinding” which reduces filter life. Cleanmake Products  filters with a PTFE membrane however employ surface filtration to remove incoming particles. The PTFE membrane works as the primary filter cake, collecting all of the particulate on the surface. This keeps the particulate from penetrating the filter fabric, which can lead to reduced airflow, and filter “blinding”. Additionally, with traditional filters larger than normal emission occur during start-up and immediately following the cleaning cycle due to lack of primary dustcake. With PTFE filters, this problem is largely eliminated. PTFE Fabric CombinationsPTFE membrane can be applied to a large variety of fabric substrates depending on the particular application. Contact a Cleanmake Products .com representative to help you to determine which combination of fabric and PTFE membrane is the best fit your particular process environment.  Below is listing of several popular PTFE / Fabric combinations Standard Felt Filter Bags Thu, 06 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 About Standard Felt Filter Bags When it comes to felt filter bags, FSI has the answer. Our years of experience give us an advantage over our competitors, and our felt filter bags show it. Our felt bags are designed to withstand higher solid loading, and are suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems. FSI’s “Comprehensive Manufacturing Control” philosophy insures that we will maintain our status as the industry leader in all phases of the filter business. Our integrated technology, control over our manufacturing and quality leads to consistent performance. With FSI filter bags, you can count on a quality product every time. We start with the finest material possible. FSI makes its own fiber to produce the felt material used in our felt filter bags inhouse, guaranteeing the highest quality. Our Extended Life filter bag provides superior filtration of all sized particles, as well as up to twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag. Our no-bypass welded seams eliminate the possibility of fluid bypass through needle holes. We provide a variety of glazed and singed finishes to inhibit fiber migration. FSI also offers polyester inserted felts. These inserted felts include a reinforcing scrim needled inside the felt material, to provide added strength and durability, when a restrainer basket is not being used.   Features We offer a full line of felt materials and micron ratings Conventional sewn bags or the PolyWeld® welded seam bags available FSI PolyLoc® ring or other common bag rings available on most bags Heavy Duty and Extended Life designs available to suit your filtration needs Fluorescent Paper Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 To ensure utmost satisfaction of the buyers, we make sure that the delivery schedule should be properly maintained. The raw material that is used for manufacturing superior grade products is sourced from the reliable places after complete quality confirmation.Details Paper type - color paper Use - office-using color paper Coating - uncoated Compatible printing - inkjet printing Feature - anti-curl Pulp material - mixed pulp Pulp style - virgin Pulping type - chemical-mechanical pulp Place of origin - China (Mainland) Size - 297*210mm Packing - 100 sheets per OPP bag, 25pcs per Kraft carton Colors - cyber pink, cyber fuschia, cyber orange, cyber green, cyber yellow mixed Sheets - 100 sheets, each color 20 sheets paper Specifications 75gsm A4 fluorescence color paper with 5 cyber colors mixed We have 100,000 tons annual capacity for the color paper We have professional designer can make OEM cover design Short delivery time ISO9001, ISO14001, FSC Packing and delivery Packing details - 100/250/5000 sheets per ream bag, 25 pieces per kraft carton Delivery lead-time - 15-25 days after deposit or receiving the L/C Poly Coated Paper Sheets Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Working in close coordination with the genuine logisticians, we dispatch the products in the dedicated time. To handle both automated inbound and outbound orders, we have exceptional warehousing solutions. We keep the wide array of products sorted in the warehouse to make sure that the delivery commences systematically.Details : Capacities - From 3oz to 22oz available. Materials - High-quality food grade paperboard - from 40gsm to 350gsm. Coating - Single PE or double PE coated. Printing - Offset & Flexo printing available, up to 5 colors. Ordinary packing - Wrap paper + stretch film, sheet in pallet, or as customized request. Delivery Detail - 10~15days after samples confirmed. Payment - 50% deposit, 50% balance before shipment by T/T. Certification - ISO Application -  double wall, cold cup, ice cream cup, yogurt cups, soup cups, popcorn bucket. ETC Single/Double side PE coated paper for paper cup , Flexo or offset Print. Quality Control - Paper Gram -±5%, PE Gram -±2g, Thickness -±5%, Moisture -6%-8%, Brightness ->78. Wood pulp base paper for paper cup , Food Grade, eco-friendly. Features High-quality virgin wood pulp, food grade paper. Waterproof, non fluorescent whitening agent. Printing with food-grade ink, no toxic, no smell. High heat resistance, impermeable. Good thickness, high stiffness, good flexibility. High smoothness, good printing effect. Environmentally safe and green-minded. Specifications : PE coated paper 100%virgin, wood pulp Paper160-400g, PE film12-35g For cups and other food packing Food grade Shipping Information: FOB Port : BOMBE Lead Time :10 - 25 days Main Export Markets : Eastern Europe North America Mid East/Africa Central/South America Asia Western Europe Australasia Poly Coated Kraft Paper Rolls Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Poly coated Kraft paper rolls are commonly used for wrapping a variety of metal objects. The poly coating helps to protect against moisture, grease, dust, etc. Our poly coated Kraft paper rolls are made from virgin materials to provide superior strength and durability.   All of our poly coated rolls come in a 50# basis weight and range in size from 18 inches wide to 48 inches wide. All rolls are 600 feet in length and the shipping weight of each roll varies depending on the width of the roll. The one sided poly coating roll helps to resist water and moisture from exterior elements. The extra poly coating also assists in providing additional tear resistance when used for wrapping products. Shipping costs are always a factor when dealing with any Kraft paper products. Poly coated rolls can be heavy and expensive to ship. We recommend for people to order multiple roles at a time to reduce shipping costs. Multiple roll orders can qualify for freight rates to help reduce costs.   If you have any questions about our poly coated Kraft rolls or any other products we offer, call us at +919724551561 or click on the contact us page. Poly Coated White Paper Rolls Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Claen make Products L.L.P. is a leading manufacturer and exporter that are concerned with research, development and production of PE Coated Paper Cup Paper. We are with convenient transportation assess. We are the manufacturer obtaining "QS" production permit.    Our factory is equipped with two laminating Pe machine lines. We are also equipped with flexographic printing & automatic seamless flat press machines to provide customers with printing die cutting finished pieces. We operate under QC guidelines to guarantee high-quality products at competitive prices. With high quality products and excellent services, we have earned a good reputation among customers. Our Pe coated paper cup fan has been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. With the belief of "Quality First", we will continue to work hard to provide quality guaranteed products for our established and the coming customers.   Packaging : Perfect for Bag Closures, Ream Wrap Packaging. Can be used in high temperature settings. Wrapping of heavy machined parts that have been coated in oil or grease for shipping. Polyester Film Rolls Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We are reckoned amongst illustrious suppliers of Polyester Film Rolls supplying to purchasers through assorted markets. We are supported by such storage facility that provides protection from diverse damaging factors such as dust, moisture, rain, sunlight, etc. Also, we maintain complete hygiene inside the unit.   Features : Raw material : polyester film, metallized with aluminum Maximum width : 2450mm Thickness : usually is 12um,16um .17um,18um.Of course,it is adjustable to customer's requirements Uses : packaging, printing, laminating, and decorating  Application : Packaging & Decorative Grade Film : Face-Stock for self-adhesive, Gift-Wrapping, Glitter Powder, Metallic Yarn, Food-Packing, Laminated Paper/Paper board, Holographic Embossing. Reflective film : For reflect the sunshine and make the best use of sunshine Optical Grade Film : Reflector in Liquid Crystal Display, LCD`s backlight unit, Light-Shielding. Other Grade Film : Cables Wrapping, Motors, Hot Stamping Foil, Transfer Printing, Release Agent, Leader Tape, OHP, Sheeting Protectors, Silicone Coating, Adhesive Tape, Solar Control Film.  Packaging : Food packaging general uses, film for flexible pouches, lids, snacks, barrier films, can laminations, and vacuum insulation panels. Industrial & Specialties : Hot stamping foil, release films, photo resist films, metallic yarns, adhesive tapes, plastic cards, labels, lamination films, brightness enhancement films (computer screens), solar/safety window films, medical test strips, and miscellaneous uses Electrical : Motor wire and cable, capacitors, transformer insulation films, thermal printing tapes, membrane touch switches (computer and calculator keyboards), and flexible printed circuit films. Imaging : Microfilm, printing and pre-press films, color proofing, printing plates, drawing office drafting film, overhead transparencies, X-ray films, instant photos, business graphics, and wide format displays.THICK Polyester/PET/BoPET Film : 88 to 175 Mic. Characteristics of Polyester/PET/BOPET Film : Optically brilliant, Clear appearance, Outstanding. Excellent dimensional stability, good surface and barrier properties. Good flatness and coefficient of friction (COF). Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics. Very good resistance to most common solvents, moisture, oil, and grease Excellent barrier against a wide range of gases. VCI Woven Laminated Paper Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 VCI woven laminated paper is designed to pack steel coil and sheet, increased tear and moisture resistance,ensuring steel against corrosion damage. It is heavy-duty packaging material for corrosion protection of cold-rolled plate, silicon steel plate, galvanized plate, tin-coated plate.   Uses : use VCI laminated paper to wrap metal materials for shipment or storage, provides powerful corrosion protection.   Features :  The paper makes oil-free packaging available, and no coating, degreasing or cleaning procedure is required, which saves labor, time and cost. VCI with high performance contained uniformly in the antirust paper will play a role of antirust soon after it is sealed in a package. Even if the paper does not contact the metal directly, it can effectively perform the function of antirust, so it is especially applicable to metal products with complex appearance. The paper has both functions of antirust and packaging. The paper has the advantages of low cost and easy operation over vacuum package. The paper is clean, harmless and non-toxic, so it is safe to environment. It passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.   Application Methods : Products should be packaged as soon after cleaning as possible, but completely dried of residual water. Keep the VCI paper as close to the surface of the product as practical, leaving no barrier between the VCI paper and the metal surface to be protected. Operate with clean gloves, and do not contact the articles for antirust with naked hands. For long-term storage of up to two years, enclose the wrapped product in an airtight package. Vegetable Parchment Paper Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Vegetable Parchment paper is manufactured with chlorine free highly refined pulp to develop excellent water proof and fat resistant properties. It remains odorless when left wetted for long time. Paper is free from any impurities like starch, gelatin, casein, formaldehyde or loaded material etc. Pudumjee’s Parchment paper is a preferred alternative to replace such paper made through acid parenthesizing process.   Variants : 45 GSM   Features Paper is with high density, stability, and excellent grease and moisture resistant. High Oil Kit Value. High Wet strength. Machine friendly for printing and converting.   End use The Butter and Margarine packaging. Food wrapping and cheese wrapping.   Quality Introduction : High surface intensity suitable for any kind famous brand of high-speed 4/6/8 colors offset printer, for example HEIDELBERG,ROLAND, KBA, MITSUBISHI, LITHRONE etc.. Super surface coating, good surface smoothness, stable ink absorbability, low surface roughness and rich printing dots, makes excellent printing result. Good surface decoration feature assures excellent calandering, hot-stamping andlaminating results. Outstanding paper stiffness is a strong support for carton laminating and die-cutting. Wax Coated Paper Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0530 We are Surendranagar(India) based organization, affianced in making available the finest lot of products in the market. The packaging commences under the strict supervision of experts and other team members; they ensure that the products are packed sternly to circumvent loss during transit.   Details : Professional quality control system High smoothness and transparency 100% virgin bleached/unbleached wood pulp materials to prevent water,oil and dirty dust Food grade quality FWA free as well as industrial grade quality Colorful printed designes oem available Food grade SGS certificated Standard export seaworthy packing Good reputation and high degree of customer identification Over 30 years experience exporting team offering professional services